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Boeing 737 Procedures

Pre Start Procedures

MCP On, CWS (Control Wheel Steering)
Flight Director On, Master: Pilot flying
Set MCP - select Speed V2 + 15/20 KIAS
Flaps Set Flaps 5 degrees and green light
Trim 4-6 Notches

Take Off Procedure

Auto Throttle Arm
Thrust Smoothly increase thrust to 40% N1, let spool up
Brakes Release brakes
Take Off Thrust Advance throttles to 70-80% N1 and press TO/GA - Pilot places hands on thrust levers in case of RTO
Auto Throttle Change from ARM to N1
Rudder Keep the aircraft straight tracking the center line
Engine indicators Monitor the engine indicators
80 KIAS 80 Knots call out by pilot not flying
V1 Flight crew remove hands from throttles
Vr Rotate 2-3 degrees per second until target pitch at 8-10 degrees
800 FT AGL Positive rate call out by pilot not flying - Gear up - Change from T/O to CLB power
200 KIAS Increase MCP Speed bug to flaps UP
1000/1500 FT RA Increase MCP speed to 250 KIAS, check transition altitude and noise abatement

Think Ahead The takeoff can be very fast, especially if you have an aircraft which is light in weight (cargo, passengers and fuel).

Take Off Procedure

PRESTART CHECKLIST Parking Brake SET Throttle IDLE Fuel Flow CUTOFF BATT Master Switch ON Landing Gear Lever CHECK DOWN Flaps UP Spoiler RETRACTED Fuel Quantity CHECK Pitot Heat OFF Aircraft Lighting OFF Flight Controls FREE AND CORRECT Avionics ON Fasten Seat Belts ON No Smoking ON Check Weather (ATIS, Flight Service) De-Ice TEST/CHECK Request Clearance Transponder STANDBY Beacon STARTUP CHECKLIST Engine/Throttle Panel ACTIVATE Thrust Levers IDLE Engine Area CLEAR Eng. 1 Start Switch START At N2>20% Fuel Flow Eng 1 ON N1 Increasing as N2 incr. CHECK Oil Pressure CHECK Repeat for Eng. 2 1 – 2 Start Switches CHECK GEN Air Conditioning Fan ON BEFORE TAXI CHECKLIST Nav Lights ON Taxi Lights / Runway Turnoff Lights ON Heading Indicator/Altimeters SET Standby Instruments SET Radios and Avionics SET FOR DEPARTURE Autopilot SET, don’t activate Autothrottle SET, ARM, don’t activate Yaw Damper ON Autobrake RTO Elevator Trim SET for takeoff Request Taxi Clearance TAXI CHECKLIST Parking Brake RELEASE Taxi to assigned runway SPEED Max. 20 knots Brakes/Gyro/Turn Coordinator CHECK during taxi/turns Artificial Horizon ERECT during turns BEFORE TAKEOFF CHECKLIST Parking Brake SET Throttle IDLE Elevator Trim SET for takeoff Flap Position Lever FLAPS 5 deg. Spoilers RETRACTED Flight Instruments CHECKED Engine Instruments CHECK Takeoff Data (V1, Vr, V2) CHECK Nav Equipment CHECK Landing Lights ON Taxi Lights / Runway Turnoff Lights OFF Strobe Lights ON Pitot Heat ON De-ice AS REQUIRED Transponder ON Request Takeoff Clearance TAKEOFF CHECKLIST Smoothly increase thrust to 40% N1 let spool up Takeoff Thrust FULL or TO/GA Brakes RELEASE V1= 145 KIAS (decision) Vr= 156 KIAS (rotate) Pitch 10 deg. nose up V2= 160 KIAS (safety speed) At Positive Climb Rate Touch Brakes Landing Gear RETRACT At 210 KIAS RETRACT flap up CLIMBOUT CHECKLIST Throttle AS REQUIRED Trim for 250 KIAS / 1800 fpm Autopilot/Autothrottle CHECK and ACTIVATE Below 10,000’ max. speed 250KIAS ATC AS REQUIRED Fasten Seatbelts OFF No Smoking OFF Landing Lights OFF Above 10,000’ speed 280 KIAS CRUISE CHECKLIST (above FL 180) At Transition Altitude (FL180) set Altimeter to 29.92 (1013 mb) Accelerate to cruise speed FL180 0.67 mach (330KIAS) FL240 0.76 mach (335KIAS) FL280 0.80 mach (325KIAS) FL330 0.81 mach (295KIAS) Engine+ Instruments CHECK Fuel Quantity CHECK Radios TUNED and SET Autopilot CHECK and SET Lights AS REQUIRED DESCENT CHECKLIST ATIS /Airport Information CHECK Altimeter CHECK Radios CHECK De-ice AS REQUIRED Descent Speed to FL240 0.75 mach to FL180 0.65 mach At Transition Altitude (FL180) reset Altimeters to local to 12,000’ 280 KIAS Below 10,000’ 250 KIAS Fuel Quantities and Balance CHECK Flaps /Landing Gear CHECK UP Check Weather (ATIS, Flight Service) APPROACH CHECKLIST On Localizer Level flight: Fasten Seat Belts ON No Smoking ON Avionics + Radios SET Speed: Establish 210 KIAS Landing Lights ON Auto Spoilers ARM Autobrake SET Flap Lever Position 5 -10 deg. Speed: Establish 180 KIAS Flap Lever Position 15 - 20 deg. Speed: Establish 160 KIAS Landing Gear DOWN Set Flap Lever Position 30 deg. or FULL Final glide Slope Descent: Speed Establish 145 KIAS Elevator Trim AS DESIRED Parking Brake VERIFY OFF De-ice AS REQUIRED LANDING CHECKLIST Landing Gear CHECK DOWN Autopilot OFF Landing Speed 140 KIAS After Touchdown Apply Reverse Thrust 60KIAS: Cancel Reverse Thrust Spoilers VERIFY EXTENDED Brakes AS REQUIRED TAXI TO RAMP CHECKLIST Strobe Light OFF Flaps UP Spoilers RETRACTED Taxi Lights /Runway Turnoff Lights ON Landing Lights OFF Speed Max. 20 knots Transponder 1200 / OFF Elevator Trim TAKEOFF SETTING SHUTDOWN CHECKLIST Parking Brake SET Throttles IDLE Passenger Signs OFF Air-conditioning Fan OFF Pitot Heat OFF De-ice OFF Taxi Lights / Runway turnoff Lights OFF Nav Lights OFF F/D OFF Avionics OFF Fuel flow OFF Eng Start Switches 1 – 2 OFF Beacon OFF Passenger Door OPEN BATT Master Switch OFF SECURING AIRCRAFT Parking Brake VERIFY SET Throttles VERIFY IDLE All Switches VERIFY OFF Passenger Door CLOSED Good Luck and enjoy using these procedures, I have flight tested and veri
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